Xinxiang Shengbo Charcoal Institute is a private non-enterprise unit.Established on June 27, 2019, under the guidance of the civil affairs bureau, it is an industrial and non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by enterprises, public institutions and professionals engaged in charcoal production and manufacturing, related equipment manufacturing, comprehensive utilization of resources, product upgrading and improvement services and other fields.

Objective: it is to integrate the resources of the whole industry, respond to the corresponding national policies, and cooperate with the local government and relevant competent departments to make the industry standard.Develop industry standards to improve the overall competitiveness of the industry.Maintain the rights and interests of members, maintain the overall interests of the industry, and jointly develop new technologies and new products according to the characteristics of the industry.

The Business Scope Includes: formulating the industry rules and regulations, implementing the industry self-discipline;Carry out industry research and statistics, collect, analyze and release industry information, and provide services for business decisions;Carry out the promotion and demonstration of advanced practical technology to promote the technical progress and innovation of the industry;We will take various forms to carry out training and education activities for talents, technologies, vocational skills, management, laws and regulations in the industry.Participate in the procurement of government services, commissioned by government departments or other relevant units, undertake work related to the industry;To organize and carry out domestic and international technical exchanges and cooperation in the industry;Carry out other activities in favor of the development of the industry as required.